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Combining science, 30 years of practice and mothering her own sons, Claire has a parenting philosophy that simplifies the fundamental elements of raising great kids.

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For practical tips and tricks on managing all aspects of children’s device use amidst the chaos of family life, join Claire for regular webinars exploring the ins and outs of digital parenting.

Growing up our children in a

Digital World

We are the first generation of parents growing our children up in a digital world. The demands on parenting have changed significantly as now, with a device in hand, our child has access to the world, and the world has access to our child.

Influencers, FOMO, screen-addiction, access to inappropriate content, cyberbullying – it’s all new territory for parents to negotiate and it’s complex! As we grow our children up in an increasingly digital world, embracing everything that comes with it is an essential part of parenting.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by self-doubt and feelings of being out-of-touch and out-of-control when it comes to children and their devices. I invite you to come along on the digital parenting journey with me and to grow your confidence in parenting your child as they, and you, learn about digital life.

Parenting practises in digital life

Did you know that by the age of 5 the average child has over 1000 images posted online? Many parents are now parenting on a very visible world stage with every milestone and accomplishment published for family and friends to see.

It also gives visibility to the achievement of milestones and accomplishments of other children and families which can change fundamental parenting practices that deeply honour the unique journey that every child takes through childhood. The ‘hurry up’ era is upon us as we see into the lives of others and compare them to our own.

I look forward to giving you confidence to raise your child beautifully and authentically regardless of the practices, accomplishments or insta-perfect moments of others.

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