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I love the world of online learning where I can access practical content that solves a problem in times that work in the midst of busy family life. I run 8 scheduled Parent Webinars each year and invite you to take a look and join me. You can do that live at the time shown, or you can watch it after the event on-demand.

My pet-hate is listening to someone talking about a problem that I’m currently navigating with a child and not giving me any answers or suggestions. So, when I get into your ears, that’s my top consideration – what we’re going to do about this digital parenting conundrum.

Webinars are usually in response to the many questions I get from parents about digital dilemmas happening for their child and family. If you’ve got a digital life problem to solve, I’d love to work on content that will answer your questions and help you to raise a delightful digial citizen. You can get in contact HERE with your request and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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