BEST Programs 4 Kids

I am the co-Director of BEST Programs 4 Kids with Helen Davidson. As experienced therapists, between us we’ve clocked up 60 years of practical skills, knowledge and experience working with countless children, families and schools.

While we have worked in many similar environments, serendipitously, our paths crossed in 2015 – and the rest, as they say, is history. Our shared deep passion for children’s social and emotional learning has led to 16 co-authored books. 10 are school-based resources that have made their way into over 400 Australian schools as well as schools in south-east Asia and the UK. That curriculum resource is called Little Highway Heroes and Highway Heroes – a skills-based curriculum teaching children the fundamentals of emotional intelligence. The other 6 books form the ‘What to do about’ series – and they have been awarded the prestigious Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. They unpack the complexities of what to do about bullying and teasing, making friends and managing BIG feelings.

Helen and I are very proud of our amazing resources and training offered through BEST Programs 4 Kids. I’d love you to visit our website HERE.

Director and Founder

DiGii Social

Digital-life is complex – for children and adults. In homes around the world, children are spending time in a big, unregulated playground – the internet. While the opportunities are many, so are the threats and hazards. DiGii Social is a brand new edTech resource that targets digital-life training for children in Year 5 and 6 (10-13 years) and their parents. It’s aligned to the Australian National Curriculum and teaches over 50 skills to children that prepare – and protect – them in their digital life. It’s an immersive experience that teaches children while they play – covering everything from their digital health right through to managing cyber-bullying, inappropriate contact and content. Parents have their own platform with access to a library of brief, educational videos that address all aspects of raising their little digital native.
DiGii Social was the WAITTA Lateral Incite Awards Pitchfest 2020 winner and was a finalist in the 2020 Awards in the Startup of the Year and Social Impact categories and won the People’s Choice Award. DiGii Social has also progressed to the final phase of the Plus Eight Accelerator Program, a competitive entry program. Take a look around the DiGii Social website HERE.

Community Ambassador


Are you OK? How long has it been since someone asked you that question – how long has it been since you asked? Suicide is a huge and ongoing concern in Australia – and in the wider world. We lose more young adults to suicide than we do to road accidents.

So, getting behind this great organisation is a privilege. R U OK? is an organisation helping everyday Australians to reach out and connect by:

  • Asking – Are you OK?
  • Listening – really listening
  • Encouraging action
  • Checking in

Please visit the website:


The Valuing Children Initiative

“A society that is built on valuing children is a society that benefits all. Through research, education, and advocacy, the Valuing Children Initiative promotes the understanding that child wellbeing is essential to building a stronger society and is the shared responsibility of the whole community. This awareness drives a cultural change where it becomes automatic to prioritise children’s needs, across all facets of society, to create an environment in which our future generation can thrive and reach their potential.”

As a very proud Ambassador, supporting the goals and objectives of the Valuing Children Initiative is easy. Every one of us is an Ambassador when it comes to loving, respecting and listening carefully to all children. Visit the website HERE.